While Drake is on the road entertaining crowds with his trek, Would You Like a Tour?, a new video has surfaced featuring the Toronto rap star. French director Mikael Colombu has released a CGI-filled video for Drizzy’s song, 'We’ll Be Fine' from his 2011 LP 'Take Care.'

Apparently, Colombu released a trailer to the video earlier this year but Universal had it removed due to copyright violations.

The full-length artsy clip is full of interesting visuals and CGI effects. From an appearance of an angelic Aaliyah, to a naked Nicki Minaj to Drizzy performing with laser beams coming out of his eyes, it’s a stunning video to watch.

Sadly, the visual is set to classical music and not the original bouncy track. Obviously, that was done to avoid the video getting pulled from the Internet again.

Colombu’s video is similar to his previous clips of Bilal's 'Robots,' Cee-Lo Green’s 'Bodies' and The Weeknd’s 'The Knowing.'

Check out the video above. We guarantee you will be surprised. And if you want to hear Drake’s 'We’ll Be Fine,' you can listen to it below.