In the past, Drake has admitted that he likes a good weed toke every now and then, but he chooses to do it offstage, unlike many rappers. However, in Houston over the weekend, Drizzy took a break from this particular rule and sparked one with Wiz Khalifa.

The Canadian golden boy invited Wiz out onto the stage while he was performing one of his songs. Wiz was already puffing away, and after introducing the 'Black and Yellow' rapper, Drake revealed he was about to engage in an act for the "first time" onstage.

"You're on stage with me. I've never done this in my life before, during a show. F--- it," and proceeded to take the joint from Wiz and enjoy a few puffs, which made the crowd go absolutely wild.

But the 'Trophies' rapper couldn't haven't gotten too high since he only took a few puffs, which shows he only smoked to entertain the crowd and not be totally altered. Afterwards, he handed the joint back to Wiz, hugged him and continued on with his performance.