Ashton Kutcher and company were back at full blast tonight (June 3) on ‘Punk’d.’ After complaining that his guest hosts failed at actually punking people (here’s looking at you, Heather Morris!), Kutcher said he’d always wanted to do a fake earthquake … and that he did, to none other than Drizzy Drake.

Ashton’s crew convinced Drake that he was meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. When the Young Money pinup boy was finally in the SUV ostensibly driven by Secret Service agents, he was rather gracious. The agent behind the wheel told Drake he was a fan of his music, and Drake was warm and receptive. “I’ll tell my mom about that — the Secret Service likes my music!” he said. “She’ll be happy to hear it.”

The guys then pulled into the parking deck, and before long, everything around them started to shake. First car alarms went off, then everything began to rumble and tremble. Drake looked alarmed himself but tried to maintain composure. You could see him mouthing some “Oh s—”-style statements. His driver exited the vehicle, using the excuse that he wsa going to get help, and that’s when everything hit the fan.

“Yo, that was no joke,” Drake told his pal. “I thought that we were about to f—in’ get blown up. That was my first earthquake ever.”

Just then, a bystander (and Ashton-placement) approached. Drake warned, “Don’t come close to this car. That’s Secret Service. They don’t f— around.” Eventually the man let himself in, but Drake was accomodating. Most stars would probably flip and kick him out!

Just then, a couple asked Drake and his cohorts to move their vehicle, but they didn’t have the keys — the Secret Service man took them. Drake tried explaining to the couple that they couldn’t move the car, then felt even guiltier when he saw that the girl was pregnant. Then it got nuts — the girl’s husband took a taser from the front seat of Drake’s SUV and didn’t use it wisely, nabbing his own preggers wife.

“This isn’t real,” Drake said, exiting the car. Just then, Kutcher appeared. “It’s not real!”

For all the trauma he’d just been through, Drake was an amazing sport. He grinned, laughed and hugged Ashton. “I called my mom and everything!”

“This is such a sign that you’ve really accomplished something,” Drake smiled. “But at the same time, f— you. That wasn’t funny at all!” He was still laughing!

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