Dr. Dre might have to cough up a lot of money in his divorce settlement.

According to a report TMZ published on Thursday (Sept. 3), his wife, Nicole Young, who filed for a divorce from Dre this past June, has just submitted paperwork asking the rapper to pay her $1,936,399 per month in temporary spousal support. Nicole, who shares a son, Truice, and daughter, Truly, with Dre, reportedly also wants him to give her $5 million so she can pay the lawyer fees for this matter.

Sources say Nicole currently lives in the house she shares with the former Death Row Records artist. Dre will apparently combat the request because in his eyes, Nicole's lifestyle hasn't changed so she doesn't need that big payment each month. Allegedly, Nicole doesn't like that she has to rely on The Chronic rapper to pay the bills, hence the request for $1.96 million a month. According to Forbes, Dre is worth $800 million.

This news arrives two months after Nicole filed for the divorce, which she says is due to Irreconcilable differences. Nicole claims she was forced to sign a prenuptial agreement the same year they got married in 1996, but that two years later, Dre told her he was embarrassed about making her sign it and tore it up in front of her. Dre reportedly claims that he never tore up the prenup and that Nicole signed it willingly.

XXL has reached out to Nicole Young's attorney for comment.

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