Wow! Governor Cuomo made the announcement at the GE Theater at Proctors. It was a competition, and the funding comes from the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Last year, Albany got $10 million.

Now where is this money going exactly?​ According to their application, they plan to connect Jay Street in Little Italy to Erie Boulevard. The plan also includes demolishing Citizens Bank on State and replacing it with mixed-use facilities. Other lighted buildings along Erie will be demolished. The harbor plans include a 600- foot public dock to allow large tour and visitor boats. The Alco trail will also be expanded.

Supposedly people that have left Schenectady and come back say it looks completely different from back in the day. Granted I think that money could be used to revitalize some of the neighborhoods in Schenectady, and I’m sure most of the listeners and residents would agree. A lot of these cities apply for grants and funding, but always leave out the little man.

Do you agree with the plans to revitalize Schenectady?

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