Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller dropped a new mixtape under the name of his alter-ego, Larry Fisherman. The non-traditional project is beat-based. The 8 track instrumental project is titled “Run-On Sentences: Vol. 1.”

This isn’t the first time Mac has released work as Fisherman. He’s produced a number of tracks under the name for Odd Future and others. Miller seems to dig the name Larry as he’s also gone by “Larry Lovestein” in the past.

The mixtape isn’t really like anything I’ve heard. It has a Roots sort of feel but more zoned out. Knowing Mac, he was prob puffin’ on some powerful kush while assembling the trippy tracks.

His next full length album, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off,” is set to drop in late 2013. You can currently check out Mac and his squad on his MTV2 reality show, “Mac Miller & the Most Dope Family.”