Darius McCrary calls Hollywood sexual abuse victims “thirsty”

Actor Darius McCrary was awarded Donkey of the Day today for saying that Hollywood actresses, who are victims of sexual assault, are ‘thirsty” for finally speaking out about their assaulter. McCrary made these comments when TMZ asked him his opinion on Charlie Sheen recent rape accusation. Sheen is accused a having sexual relations with a 13-year-old actress on the set of a movie back when he was 19-years-old.

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Being that Sheen is a good friend of McCracy, McCracy stated, “People who are thirsty are looking for a way to get into the media and Charlie Sheen will make you famous”. McCracy also stated that an executive on set assaulted him when he was younger however he will not reveal their name because he is not “thirsty”. I don't thing McCracy understands that many sexual assault victims are not comfortable speaking about such a tumultuous experience. Has nothing to do with being thirsty. What do you guys think?

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