While appearing on ESPN 2’s “Highly Questionable,” 2 Chainz was asked a question that few rappers have talked about – whether or not he lets his children listen to his music.

The father of two, a 1-year-old and 5-year-old, explained that his older daughter can listen to his music, but under one circumstance. “She can get a clean copy for now, man. Music really shapes the way kids grow up these days. It’s very important for me to try to parent that situation. She’s listening to the Disney Channel. I feel like she has time and has room enough to grow. She understands that 2 Chainz is her dad. She don’t know why I’m so popular.”

Sounds like Deuce can add parenting to the list of things he’s good at. His eldest child also appeared on his last album. She sang on the track, “Black Unicorn,” heard below.

Check out his full appearance on the program where he also talks about a game he plays with his kid here: