It's not official yet, but the news of the week is DMX taking up George Zimmerman's challenge to meet him in the boxing ring. The rapper spoke on-camera for the first time since the announcement when a FOX News crew caught up with him.

DMX, who's seen in a white tee shirt so fresh the sticker is still on, didn't respond to critics on why he would go along with Zimmerman's publicity stunt. He did confirm that the fight was still in the air as official paperwork still hasn't been filled out. The rapper still isn't entirely sure if he wants to go through with the fight.

"Well, I was challenged. I was challenged. I still haven't really decided whether I was going to do it," he says. "But if I did do it, whatever money that was supposed to go to him would have to go to charity."

DMX hasn't wavered about how he'll "gladly beat the s--- out of him." The fight was originally scheduled to take place on March 1.