Just because you see something online doesn’t mean it’s true. Reports surfaced that rap legend, DMC, dissed Lil Wayne and Jay Z. He set the situation straight in a statement released by AllHipHop.

“I could never diss Lil Wayne or Jay ! They are very good and successful at what they do. I would and could never disrespect either of these two men. Their success is my success!

I love and respect Lil Wayne. He treats me well and is very very nice to me and my family. And Jay Z inspired me and assured me that great hip hop will exist forever in all generations and eras when he dropped Hard Knock Life, which is one of my favorite hip hop songs ever.”

He also addressed speaking about the rumors with Wayne and Hov, “After reading the negative comments coming at all of us, I had to personally apologize to my two fellow artists. I don’t like negative sh*t! I cannot tolerate anything that will divide us and our hip hop culture.”

All this stems from a statement made by DMC on Sunday, saying “Lil Wayne and Jay Z aint hot. It’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed.” He’s basically blaming radio programmers for the lack of artist variety.

The bottom line is, we, as radio programmers, put a lot of research into supply and demand. We have mad love for artists like Schoolboy Q and Joey Badass, but they aren’t selling like Wayne and Jay. There was a point when Wayne and Jay were in their same position. It’s up to artists to justify their spot on a radio station’s playlist.