At Townsquare Media Albany, we do our best to support our local community in the most impactful ways possible. All of the content creators you see below live, work and play in the same places as you and your families -- and we know that what happens right here matters to you most. We hope you find that our original local content (found on our website and free mobile app) informs and entertains you as much as we enjoy creating it. Get to know each of us a little more by checking out our "behind the byline" facts below:

DJ Biz

With over 20 years of radio and party rocking experience, Dj Biz is without a doubt handling his business. At the age of 13, influenced by his father who was also a Dj, he started experimenting with spinning and mixing records wh…

Ariana Sheehan

By day I'm a Regional Content Strategist with Townsquare Media. By night I'm a non-laundry-folding mom of a sassy 2-year-old and champion of passing out watching movies.

BJ the Web Guy

Born and raised in a little town called Westerlo, NY.  Being brought up on the top of the Helderberg Mountains I endured many things.  Hillbilly's, loud trucks, the smell of fresh cow manure and of course boredom.   So I got my ac…

Joey Ech

Joey brings his unequivocal passion and knowledge of Hip-Hop culture to the airwaves each weekend, counting down the hottest tracks from every region of the country, culminating with the XXL Official Top 10 songs each and every we…