I haven't posted a Jersey Club mix yet, so I needed to feed that need!

If you haven't heard of Jersey Club music, you've been sleep for way too long. The genre has taken the party scene by storm. Yes, you've heard of "twerk music" and seen YouTube videos of the same. But you really want to see a twerker put in some real work? Throw on BBE Challenge and hold on for dear life.


I originally did this mix live as part of the Pre-Game Edition of the Heat Wave, which airs every Friday evening at 6pm. I usually use this time to get you ready for the weekend: the party, the turn up, the lituation...

KING Magazine

This serving of the Heat Wave is straight action packed!  It include remixes from some of your favorite Jersey Club producers as well as original tracks from the latest and greatest of Jersey Club artists!


Twerkers, I got you... Get ready to party. Hit that play button, crank it past 11 & get to it.