When DJ Khaled yells, "We the best," he doesn't only mean himself and his crew, he's also referring to his beloved Miami Heat team. At least that's the way it sounded when he visited ESPN's 'First Take' this week.

After being asked to give his opinion on the championship series between the Heat and the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday (June 10), the boisterous producer and record executive said the Spurs cheated. As many know by now, the air conditioning in the Spurs home arena broke down, and some believe it's the reason why James suffered severe leg cramps and the Heat lost.

"They won that one game because they were cheaters," Khaled stated emphatically. "They practice with no heat."

And when host Skip Bayless asks who his source was, Khaled says, "The streets," leaving everyone in stitches. But here's the thing, Khaled wasn't just joking around, he really believes the Spurs shut off the air conditioning on purpose. He says the team's goal was to injure James so he wouldn't be available for game 2.

"I can't respect someone turning the AC off and cheat," he states. "I can't do it, and the streets saying they cheated.....We not gonna fall for the trap. You not gonna physically try to hurt us, and make us not be able to play the next game. We not playing that."

Last month the Miami native released his new single 'They Don't Love You No More,' which he mentioned several times during the ESPN interview, which of course is classic Khaled.