Diplo's latest visual for 'Revolution' is definitely stimulation for the eyes. No, not in the same way that Major Lazer's 'Butters Theme' or 'Bubble Butt' did. Instead, he strings together a series of powerful images that will either inspire you or give you a headache.

The video is fast-paced and timed to the rhythm of the song, something that's not really new for a Diplo clip. There's everything from ravers at a club to intense religious ceremonies to a boxer in the middle of a sparring match and even a sad office suit who gets high on the couch. While we're not too sure what everyone is inhaling in the masks they wear, there has to be some kind of correlation between the two.

"Can you see it? / The worst is over / The monsters in my head are scared of love / Fallen people listen up! / It’s never too late to change our luck," Canadian singer Kai, one of the song's collaborators and voice on the track, delivers in the beginning.

Along with Diplo and Kai, Faustix and Imanos are the two other parts of this collaboration. 'Revolution' is the title track off the entertainer's new EP.