Dilated Peoples' long awaited album 'Directors of Photography' drops in just a few weeks and the anticipation only heightens as we inch closer to the release date. After satisfying fans' appetites with two singles, the Dilated crew now offers a quick glimpse into the process that led to their return.

'Finding Focus' is a short behind the scenes video featuring interviews with Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu as they enlighten fans about the journey involved in making 'Directors of Photography' a reality.

The trio discusses their origins, their run at Capitol Records, why their group dynamic works and what it's been like working together once again. It's a brief, yet insightful video that is a must watch for any longtime fan of these three artists.

Dilated Peoples' new album 'Directors of Photography' will be released Aug. 12 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The group is also on the road with fellow West Coast hip-hop vets Jurassic 5 as part of their 'Word of Mouth' reunion tour, which wraps up on Aug. 3.