Halloween is all about candy and a good scary experience. This year you can combine both in one place with a short ride to Barkeater Chocolates in North Creek, New York.

According to Haunted History Trail, the Barkeater chocolate factory is filled with unexplained experiences. Many believe the tragedy of one family in particular is what is behind the ghostly encounters. It is rumored that one of the children from the family died outside the home in a tragic accident. The mom mysteriously disappeared shortly after the death only to return years later. Separately It has been confirmed that the couple who owned the home passed away in two different rooms of the house.

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Today the Barkeater Chocolate factory not only makes delicious treats but they also focus on their haunted history with the 'Haunted Factory Chocolate Factory'. You can make sweet chocolate ghosts while hearing real-life unexplained events and sometimes mysterious historical facts of the property.

Hear first hand accounts of some creepy happenings combined with the sometimes mysterious, sometimes tragic, often scandalous history of our very old building and grounds. Tour guides suggest that Mature kids are welcome to join the group, up to their guardians’ discretion.

This 90-minute Haunted Factory experience is intended for small groups between 2-8 at a cost of $30 per person. Maybe you will experience some of the unexplained sounds of voices, footsteps, and banging from a ghost they have named Miranda. Apparently Miranda has even been blamed for turning the thermostat up to 85 degrees at times.

Reserve your haunted experience HERE.

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