To say that Rihanna is unhappy with The Sun newspaper is an understatement. The British outlet reported that RiRi used a body double in her Armani ad closeups, and the ‘Where Have You Been’ singer lashed out — where else? — on Twitter.

A source told The Sun that a model named Jahnassa Aicken’s bod appears in the commercial. “Jahnassa’s torso, body and bum appear in parts of the ad,” the source revealed. However, Aicken allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement blocking her from talking about the gig.

That’s with pretty good reason: the makers of the ad could be in deep doo-doo if in fact Rihanna’s booty wasn’t in those shots. An Advertising Standards Authority spokesman warned, “If we have complaints consumers have been misled by the use of a body double, we will investigate.”

For her part, RiRi is P.O.ed. She sent The Sun a series of profane tweets as well as starting a global trending topic of “Who is Jahnassa.” Per The Daily Mail, the Bajan beauty wrote, “Ok @thesunnewspaper, this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F— YOU….AND yo baggy a– condom.” Geez Rihanna, you kiss your mother with that mouth?

You can check out the ad below and decide for yourself. Do you think Rihanna had a body double? Tell us in the comments!

Watch Rihanna’s Armani Ad