Bobby Shmurda may be in jail but he was allowed phone privileges Thursday (Feb. 26) when he called Hot 97 to speak with Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Rosenberg to set the record straight on his current legal situation.

The Brooklyn native sounded jovial and in good spirits despite sitting in jail since December, addressing Ebro as "Big E" and giving his patented "ah ah ah" ad lib.

Ebro made sure to state that Hot 97 went through the proper channels to make sure that the phone call would not get Shmurda into any other trouble before the conversation began. "That's why they have me around 'cause when you have a Jew here he knows all the different rules to make sure you don't get in trouble," Rosenberg joked. Shmurda acknowledged that he knows the authorities are watching his every move while he is currently in the Manhattan Detention Center -- known as "The Tombs" to many New Yorkers.

Shmurda also confirmed he is currently in protective custody following an altercation involving himself, fellow GS9 rapper Rowdy Rebel and another inmate. "At first me and Rowdy we had stuck it up... we was in intake before they take you up. They had us sleeping in there for like two days and I was like, 'Nah, nah, my back starting to hurt. We going upstairs," Shmurda stated.

Could the rapper have been involved in the fight to intentionally circumvent the intake process? Rowdy was sent to solitary confinement, aka "the box," for his involvement in a fight. "Me and him had a little altercation with somebody, you know how that go," he disclosed.

There's a bit of significance in that tidbit of information. Prisoners in jail often cause trouble on purpose with the intent of getting better housing or expediting a process. When the "Hot N----" rhymer refers to Rowdy and himself wanting to "go upstairs" and escape the confines of the intake cell, one thing likely led to another and the altercation may have been their ticket to the protective custody unit's more comfy confines. The only thing is that their plan may have backfired, leading Rowdy to end up in "the box" rather than the protective custody area.

During the call, he refutes all of the allegations made against him -- from drug charges to conspiracy and gang-related activity -- saying that the police have been out to get him. "What they hearing about that night, s--- is not true, son. The cops have been out for me for forever, man. They been trying to slay me for forever but they never catch me with nothing." Shmurda reveals. "Four or five cops that night had just grabbed me up they told me that, 'Yo, I don't want my kids listening to your music.'" Then the call abruptly ends, which is standard practice in correctional facilities. Despite the short call, at least we know Shmurda is in good spirits and plans to face the adversity with a fight.

We'll be sure to keep you updated with any new developments in Bobby Shmurda's case.

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