DDG crowns himself the first rapper to cross over from the YouTube space into hip-hop and make it big. The 23-year-old artist has gone from successful vlogger to platinum-selling rhymer in the matter of a year. His 2020 track "Moonwalking in Calabasas" solidified his place in the game, proving he could make a lasting hit and follow that up with consistent releases. Listen to DDG's Die 4 Respect joint project with OG Parker, and "Impatient" featuring Coi Leray to hear solid bars and sharp production. At this point, the 2021 XXL Freshman 10th spot winner's self-assurance permeates each record, video and social post he makes. That confidence comes into play as DDG moves through his version of XXL's ABCs.

In four minutes, the Pontiac, Mich. native shares everything from the story behind his rap name to the fact he was valedictorian of his high school as he hits the 26 letters of the alphabet. DDG starts off with a bit of a flex for A. “AP,” he says, mentioning the Audemars Piguet timepiece worth $75,000 on his wrist. In the same breath, he flexes the baguettes he wore to the Freshman shoot, which took place in Atlanta in May, for B.

As DDG continues through the first half of the alphabet, he explains the meaning of the acronym for his name. “D, DDG, I’m the greatest," he expresses. "Some people think it mean like 'Drop Dead Gorgeous,' some people think that it mean like a group. But it’s just me, it’s my initials...” He also reveals his nickname at the same time.

When entering the second half of his ABCs, the YouTuber-turned-recent boxer begins to boast about his success with the letter J. DDG claims he'll have a bunch of haters in the YouTube comment section of this video. “J, jealousy, a lot of people jealous of me," he conveys. "They in the comments right now.”

For O, DDG talks that talk. "Original, I feel like I'm the most original person on this list, you know what I mean?" he boasts. "But you know, I fuck with everybody on the list, but I feel like I'm very, very original. It's nobody doing what I'm doing as in terms of crossover and coming from a different platform to this platform." His YouTube fam likely agrees.

His thoughts for the letter T are rather spicy. The Epic Records signee dubs himself a toxic lover. “T, toxic," DDG admits. "I’m very, very toxic, ladies. So, before you get involved with me, do your research." Take heed.

Check out a clip from his valedictorian speech, why he feels he's underrated, knocking down the chatter that he's not nice and more in DDG's ABCs below.

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