Danny Brown's humorous demeanor and candid ways are two of his personality trademarks. The latter trait was on full display during his recent interview with British DJ Tim Westwood.

The rapper has been trying to make healthier life choices over the past couple of months, and he specifically spoke about his decision to quit drinking lean. He wasn't gravely serious during the conversation -- he maintained it was a good-tasting drink -- but was clear about the terrible effects as well.

Although it "might help you sleep good at night," Brown likened lean to liquid heroin as he listed its side effects. The 'Old' creator said the drug helped him gain 10-15 pounds because of constipation. He believes Gucci Mane has been noticeably suffering from this problem.

"That's why Gucci Mane belly is like that," Brown informs. "It wasn't the fact he was fat -- he was bloated. There's mad turds up in there."

Therein lies the unfortunate Catch-22: The bowels start acting up as soon as the lean addicts stop using the drink.

"That's why people continue to drink," Brown says. "But then you hear people who drink all the time talk about it, but you don't see the signs of that. I feel like there's a lot of punk sippers out here."

Brown says he needed the extra sleep lean provides because of his hectic touring schedule, but he also shares that the side effect could render the user unresponsive to any outside events that could kill him or her.

While Brown kept it lighthearted, he maintains his transition from the deadly drug has not been easy. He made headlines in February for going on a Twitter rant, which he reveals was partially inspired by the anxiety surrounding getting off lean. The Detroit native insists the moment was a slight emotional slip-up.

"That was one of those things I probably could've kept to myself," Brown says. "But you know, Twitter is a motherf---er sometimes. Sometimes your battery just needs to die, you know."