Dame Dash arrested for not paying child support, rumor has it that Dame hasn't returned to New York for years because of an outstanding child support warrant.

Dame Dash got himself hemmed up by New York Child support with not one, but two warrants for unpaid child support. Earlier this year, it was revealed he owed nearly $400k to both of his baby’s mothers... but hadn't paid up yet and now the arrears of the child support has grown to almost a million.

Cops cuffed him and processed him and then escorted him to the Bronx to take care of the rest of his debt. Dame ended up cashing out over a mil to clear his name for his kids. SMH. How do you owe almost a million dollars for two kids that you know you have to take care of and support? Since when does it take this amount of money to take care of two children. This seems very excessive and unfair. Like did you not know you had warrants?

All these celebrities out here making dough owing child support, its sad. These men make a lot of money and people will see that as a come up and try to take advantage of the situation to have a lifestyle change.

I truly believe Dame doesn't have it. The worst thing about this whole situation is that he has another baby on the way. There is no way anyone should owe 400k in child support, sounds like extortion.

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