Never trust a stranger wearing a Christmas sweater. ESPECIALLY in October.

In all seriousness, a terrible thing happened at SUNY Albany on Friday. A man wearing a Christmas sweater and wind pants tried to abduct two women within 45 minutes, according to the Times Union.

The man was wielding a knife when he made his first attempt at the bus stop on Western Ave. A brave student stepped in and helped the girl onto the bus. The man’s second attempt came about a half hour later and, luckily, the woman was able to flee the scene on foot.

A picture of the man has been released by the University at Albany police (click here for photo). If you see something, say something! Although police activity has increased in the area, the creeper is still at-large.

You can contact SUNY’s UPD with any information:

University Hall 202

Office of Communications and Marketing

University at Albany

1400 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12222