These days, as a musician, your most lucrative source of income comes from performing and your outfit has to be eye-catching. We get that, but sometimes the stage get-ups leave most fans scratching their heads. When Kanye West recently did a show at the Revel resort in Atlantic City, N.J., he stunned the crowd with his statement pieces. Yeezy took the stage donning crystal and feathered masks from the Maison Martin Margiela fashion house. It was obviously inspired by fantasy and art, ultimately though, it was just bizarre.

There are no real rules to artistic expression as proven by our favorite rappers and singers. We don't want them to tone it down, because then, what would we have to talk about after the show? In honor of the strangest performance wardrobes to hit stages everywhere, compiles 10 Crazy Stage Outfits worn by some of the most outrageously dressed artists out there.