Valentine's Day is being celebrated this week, but things don't look so rosy for Ghostface Killah. After he reveals that he has been in a relationship with Kelsey and Latrice Hood simultaneously, he's clearly headed for a rude awakening.

The episode starts at the point where Kelsey realizes who Ghostface really is before breaking down and storming out of the room. Dr. Jenn Berman follows her as well as Taylor Armstrong of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' who sees Kelsey pass the outdoor patio in tears. As they try to comfort a sobbing Kelsey, she finally says what we've all been waiting for her to say since two weeks ago.

"He got me so f---ed up," she exclaims through tears. "He got me so f---ed up. I'm sick of him trying to downplay what we f---in' been. I'm sick of him trying to make it seem like it wasn't s---. If it wasn't s---, you wouldn't have made time to come with me. If it wasn't nothing, you know what I'm sayin' like why he tryin' to portray... he's full of s--- and I'm f---ing done!"

Dr. Berman, and probably everyone else in the house, agrees that it's Kelsey's best option to leave the relationship. "Remember what I said to you in that session about taking crumbs of his love?" Dr. Berman asks Kelsey. "I want you to take the whole f---ing cake to yourself. It's just crumbs."

Kelsey then has an interesting moment of clarity. She feels that she should even apologize to Latrice for unknowingly getting involved with Ghostface while those two were still san item. And so Dr. Berman makes this happen and tells Ghostface to leave the room.

Meanwhile in the other room, Ghostface shows a more vulnerable side to Latrice. "I didn't want to sit you here for all this arguing," he explains. "I didn't want to do that. I just wanted you to know how I felt. It's like yo, you might walk out this building and be like yo, you can't even take it no more, you know what I mean? But I'll understand though. On my behalf, I'm just gonna say whether you accept it or not, [you're] part of me."

Latrice is still trying to soak everything in but calls Ghostface out in the calmest way she can when a woman fnds out her boyfriend of two years has also been with another woman. Unsurprisingly, Ghostface tries to defend himself, but it's obvious that Latrice has an influence on him that takes away that wall we've seen him put up since the beginning of the season.

Dr. Berman explains that Kelsey would like to chat with Latrice and that Ghostface needs to leave the room. He obliges.

"I just wanted to let you know from my position," Kelsey starts off. 'S--- was hard as hell for me to do. I don't give a f--- about how he try to portray it, but we was developing something... way more. The person I got to know is probably the same person you did for you to love him and be with him. And I don't want to discredit him for having no heart. But this here is some bulls---."

Kelsey continues by saying that she didn't know Latrice was in the picture and starts to apologize for that happening. "Because for me to find out for two years hurt me," she reveals in tears. "So, at two years, for you to find out that he been dealing with somebody else for a year is hurtful to you."

She goes on to say that if she knew Latrice was there she would have never began a relationship with Ghost. While Kelsey is emotional, Latrice is the opposite and is pretty stoic throughout the entire process. "I'm in shock," she starts off. "I'm in awe. I'm devastated. I didn't think that he would be such a way, you know? I'm hurt."

The conversation ends, and the two need to make up their minds about what to do with Ghostface. While Latrice is still letting things soak in, Kelsey reiterates how done she is. "I'm fed up at this point," she explains. I'm not gonna let myself look like no f---in' fool in front of nobody for nobody. I'm done with that. I'm good."

So where is Ghostface during all of this girl talk? Sitting outside by himself. He's still surprised about how strongly Kelsey really feels for him. "The future for me and Kelsey right now is very grim," he admits. "She fell for the kid too quick. I didn't know she felt like that. I don't just go around and try to break people's heart or just breaking them like that."

Kelsey shows how done she is with by choosing to keep her physical distance from him. Now that everything is out in the open, Ghostface is really facing things head on, and we get to see how he really thinks and feels. And he pretty much reveals that his scheming on women has finally blown up on his face. But in the end, he realizes that everything happens for a reason and that he's learning from the moment.

Now it's obvious that Kelsey and Ghostface are done. What happens to him and Latrice? After taking in everything she heard from the previous session, Latrice does come back to Dr. Berman's office to reveal her thoughts and feelings to Ghostface. The session starts off with Ghost apologizing to Latrice. He explains that he did all of this to figure things out for himself.

While Latrice still loves Ghostface, she tells him that she can't trust him. "I kind of want you to just get your stuff and [I can] just move forward with my life," she explains.

"It hurts -- just imagining myself not being with him anymore and not having him in my life really... I know that he loves me, but I want to see that he loves me enough to just be with me right now. I don't see that he's ready," she continues.

And even though Ghostface shows that he really does love Latrice, she continues to think that whatever he's telling her may have been what he's told Kelsey as well. She just wants to cut all ties with him until he gets his act together.

"I can't trust him so without no trust, there's really no us," she cleverly explains.

Ghostface later explains that while rhe espects Latrice's decision, he still wants to try. "I love sex, you know?" he explains. "And you know I love women. And I just got caught up."

The rapper then leaves the room and asks for a hug from Latrice. She declines. And as he leaves, sniffles are heard. While we're not sure who's the one about to break down, our bets are set on Ghostface. As he sulks in bed, Kelsey decides that she will stay in the house and proceed with therapy in order to sort things out.

But will Ghostface stay to continue his own therapy? Find out next week.

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