It's taken a little while, but we all knew it was only a matter of time before everyone saw what Chrissy and I have been saying for well over a year now.

The likeness between said superstar and Rexford's Ian Anderson is pretty uncanny.  Anderson, a Shen grad is a 23-year-old, All-Star-caliber pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, scheduled to pitch game 3 of the World Series tonight in the ATL.

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Before we give away his identity, it should be noted that this Country Music mega-star is a Georgia boy, and he's a known fan of the Atlanta Braves.

We also know that since we started doing side-by-side comparisons of the two last October, people have been amazed at the likeness.  And while the rest of us couldn't believe how much they look alike, we had to assume the mega-star did as well.  But he hadn't acknowledged it until now.

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On Thursday, country music giant Thomas Rhett took to social media wearing a Braves uniform and he wrote, "Getting Prepared for Game 3 Tomorrow @Braves"
The star was none other than Thomas Rhett, and the photo that has since gone viral is absolutely freaking amazing.

The reaction from the photo has been as incredible as you could imagine, the likeness so spot on, it's got a lot of people wondering if the two could ever be in the same room together.

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We may find out soon enough, though.  Hopefully, it will happen while popping Champagne together after the Braves, with the help of Anderson and good karma from Rhett, become World Series Champions!

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