Hip Hop has seen its fair share of winners and losers in its existence. Much like any other musical genre, we’ve seen rappers hit it big, only to fade away into obscurity. Complex magazine capitalized on this by naming 30 of the worst careers in Hip Hop.

The list counts down from 30 to 1, with number 1 being the biggest career fail of them all. Some of the names have gone on to succeed in other ventures like acting (see LL Cool J + Ice Cube), but in terms of music… yeah… dudes fell off…

30. Charles Hamilton

29. Jungle Brothers

28. Kool Keith

27. Canibus

26. The Pharcyde

25. Boot Camp Clik

24. Onyx

23. Shyne

22. House of Pain

21. Young Buck

20. Lil Kim

19. Black Sheep

18. Foxy Brown

17. EPMD

16. Slick Rick

15. Vanilla Ice

14. Cypress Hill

13. KRS-One

12. Raekwon

11. A Tribe Called Quest

10. Eazy-E

9. LL Cool J

8. Big Daddy Kane

7. Ice Cube

6. DMX

5. No Limit

4. Nelly

3. Death Row (Snoop, Warren G, The Dogg Pound, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Sam Sneed)

2. Ja Rule

1. MC Hammer

Check out Complex to read descriptions for each artist.