Revenge is sweet for Ciara, who celebrates breaking up with a shady man on 'I'm Out,' her new made-to-bang-in-the-club collaboration with Nicki Minaj.

On the track, CiCi details how the night is young -- she's posting new sexy pictures on Instagram and turning up with her girls. Her old guy is a bit jealous of this.

"If you know that you better than the new girl that he on / Go 'head and tell 'em now, you gon' miss me when I'm gone," sings Ciara. Nicki Minaj says "F--- 'em" if he does you wrong.

This track reminds us of a throwback called 'That's Right' featuring Lil Jon, from Ciara's 2006 LP, 'The Evolution.' All in all, the heavy beat and intense energy brought on this one proves hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Ciara's self-titled fifth studio album is scheduled to hit stores July 9.

Listen to Ciara's 'I'm Out' Feat. Nicki Minaj