Before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton displayed their bedroom theatrics on film, another Hollywood “it-girl” was the star of her own sex tape... Pamela Anderson, of course! Superstar comedian, Chris Rock, enjoyed the performance so much, he gifted his copy to a young boy. Yes, you read that right, a young boy. The story is more heart-warming than it seems, though.

Rock participated in a Make-A-Wish visit to the boy’s hospital. The New York Post reported that Chris snuck the teen, who was suffering from cancer, a copy of Pamela Anderson’s sex tape during the visit.

The boy, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Rock said at least the young’n was able to enjoy a few good moments before dying by “living a little.”

Talk about the ultimate, “gag gift.” Props, Chris! God bless the boy and his surviving family.