Breezy was back in court Friday in an orange jumpsuit as the judge handed down his sentencing. What does it all mean for the R&B singer?

Chris Brown did exactly what his attorneys recommended: admitted he was wrong for the probation violation which caused his arrest in Washington D.C. According to CNN, the judge sentenced Brown to serve 365 days behind bars! Oh no! This will definitely impact the release date of the "X" album!

Luckily he got some credit! Not as in credit cards or cash money. I mean he had some time served from his stint in rehab totaling 234 days which will be put toward the 365 days. You do the math. That leaves 131 days left to serve.

Since he has the majority of the time under his belt, his attorneys feel like he will be released as early as this week. Word is he still has 700 hours left of community service yet to fulfill.

Breezy better thank his lucky stars that he didn't get any prison time. He better get it together! The courts are tired of celebs being rich spoiled brats and actin' a damn fool! He may not be so lucky if there's a next time!