Chris Brown brought his dance moves and his catchy tunes to the ‘TODAY’ show this morning (June 8), performing his new smash ‘Turn Up the Music’ and ‘Yeah 3X.’ Team Breezy showed up in droves, packing the performance space in the Big Apple so Brown could entertain ‘em.

Before launching into ‘Turn Up the Music,’ the hot single from his new album ‘Fortune,’ which drops on July 3, Brown thanked the fans for sacrificing sleep to see his perform, saying, “I know y’all came out real early so let’s party, okay?” What a way to start a Friday! If you woke up early to catch the perf, Breezy showed his gratitude. Forget a cup of coffee. Breezy’s perf was all the caffeine we needed.

With his signature dance moves, a New York Yankees cap on his head while wearing black skinny jeans and a bright colored windbreaker  – which he later tossed to show off a white tee — Brown kept the crowd (and viewers at home) fully entertained from start to finish. Despite his somewhat salty reputation, once Breezy hits that stage, he comes alive and everything else is left behind.

There are few pop stars actively working today who can dance as well as Chris Brown. Performing on national TV a few weeks before his new album drops is always the best way to promote.

Check out the track listing for ‘Fortune’ here and after that, crank up the speakers and enjoy his TODAY performance.

Watch Chris Brown Perform ‘Turn Up the Music’

Watch Chris Brown Perform ‘Yeah 3X’