According to Chris Brown, the world might not be ready to hear him sling rhymes full-time. Breezy will do a little bit of rapping on his upcoming album, X, but he wants to hone his skills before he dedicates a full album to spitting.

Chris made the comments during an interview with radio station, Power 98. “For me, I think I would have to progress more as an emcee first. I would really have to be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper. I like rap. I love it.”

He’s already accomplished a lot in R&B. Hip hop would be the most organic next step. But Breezy also left the possibility open to be even more eclectic on future albums. “When I get older I might want to do a country album. Next year I might want to do an all hip hop album or alternative album.”

For the love of cheap beer and ass-less chaps…. PLEASE… don’t do a country album, Breezy.