Chris Brown is in hot water yet again following his assault arrest early yesterday (Oct. 27) in Washington, D.C. -- but ironically, it might be a police officer who gets him off the hook.

Sources tell TMZ that a mistake in the initial police report on the incident -- in which a man claims Brown punched him in the face, breaking his nose -- could actually help Chris in court. The first version of the report, written by an officer on the scene, stated that the singer's bodyguard was the one who punched the man, with Brown only getting involved in the fray after the fact.

A revised report states that it was in fact Brown, not his bodyguard, who is accused of hitting the victim, but a mistake like this -- even after being corrected -- is like gold to defense attorneys.

Also in the star's favor: Many of the witnesses who have gone on the record in the case seem unreliable, law enforcement sources say.

Chris was due in court today to face the charges. Stay tuned ...

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