Now that he and Rihanna have generously righted all that's wrong with music, Chris Brown is on tour in Amsterdam. And while he's there, he's taking the opportunity to smoke as much weed as humanly possible. Because when in Amsterdam, you do as the Amsterdamians do.

Amsterdamites? Amsterdammers? Whatever. We just call them "the lucky few."

Probation be damned, Brown documented the whole experience with his crew on Instagram so the whole world could see just how awesome he is. Or least thinks he is.

As Brown claims in one of the captions, “Oh don't worry. It's medicinal!! Lol”

There were also much more eloquent captions like, “Amsterdam!!!!!”

(You expected Shakespeare? Dude. He was totally baked.)

Brown's Instagram rampage also includes pictures of his friends about to vomit, showing off their matching watches and lots and lots of bloodshot eyes.

If Brown isn't passed out in his own drool, he'll most likely perform Dec. 6 at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.