I swear Chris Brown must have been dropped on his head as a child. I’m a firm believer that people can change for the better. Yes, he’s made some mistakes. Has he learned from them? Maybe. Does he continue to make mistakes? Absolutely. His Halloween costume is one of them.

Halloween is fun for all ages – candy, pumpkin carving, seasonal foods and treats, costume parties etc. Celebs have donned some pretty cool costumes this year. Did you see Miley Cyrus as Nicki? Very cute and fun! So what did Breezy dress up as this year? A terrorist.

Brown and his crew dressed in Arab garb from head-to-beard-to-toe. They took the look a step further by incorporating automatic weapons. He posted the photo to instagram with the quote:

“Aint nobody f------ with my clique”

I’ve defended Breezy’s actions in the past… but this is some next level stuff.