Chris Brown goes into outer space in the special-effects driven video for 'Don't Judge Me,' his yearning ballad from his 'Fortune' album. The blond-haired singer plays an astronaut who's about to embark on a dangerous mission for the "sake of the country."

The clip starts off with Brown walking a lonely road to the launch site as he reflects on his tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend. The video also intercuts with scenes of the singer crooning his heartbreaking lyrics while his boo is being despondent on the couch.

When a reporter, who also happens to be his girlfriend, asks him why he would risk his life on a suicide mission, he responds, "I'm doing a service for my country and my planet. If that means saving the people I love and I care about, then that's what I'll do."

It's then we see Breezy walk into this futuristic spaceship as he prepares for liftoff with tears streaming down his face. Upon entering the galaxy we see Brown having flashbacks of his girlfriend before the spaceship collides with a meteorite.

Directed by Colin Tiley, 'Don't Judge Me' is an emotional ride with some impressive special effects. We think most of Brown's detractors would love to see the crooner in real life fly into orbit and crash into a meteorite. Well, for now, you have this moving video.