If there's one flaw to pick at when it comes to Kendrick Lamar, it's his hit or miss records when it comes to R&B collaborations. His incongruous appearance on Jasmine V's 'That's Me Right There' -- his most recent -- is a glaring example of the latter. Lamar's feature on 'Autumn Leaves,' a leak off Chris Brown's 'X' album, isn't quite a home run, but it's still a pretty decent entry to his discography.

Technique is the game here. Lamar breezes through his verse in his high-pitched assonance. With the amount of focus here, it's as if he's using those slowly-strummed guitars for some third-eye awakening rather than R&B wooing. This verse is also dense with metaphors (the iceberg idea gets played with a bit), but nothing too esoteric for the Brown fan to decipher.

Speaking of Brown, 'Autumn Leaves' is another hint that 'X' might be his best album in a while. Like a majority of his singles, he's swinging more toward nuance and smoothness rather than going for the big hits. Brown sounds great, too, but that's rarely been the problem.

'X' finally drops Sept. 16. Lamar is at work on his new album, coming out this year. Until then, peep an even better performance within the intense acid jazz of Flying Lotus' 'Never Catch Me.'

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Autumn Leaves' Feat. Kendrick Lamar