Although Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account after his scatological feud with comedian Jenny Johnson, he's posting a bevy of photos on his Instagram page. In one post, he might have revealed the title of his next album.

In the snapshot (pictured, left), Breezy appears to be working on sketch for his next LP artwork. On a Radisson Hotel notepad, the singer drew a guy with an "X" on the top of his head. "New album coming soon! 'X' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" reads the caption under the photo.

We don't know if the symbol X means "ten" or if he's feeling that he's been forever marked with an "X" because of his infamous 2009 assault with Rihanna. One thing's for sure, that's a helluva lot of exclamation points.

That's not all. On Tuesday (Nov. 27), Brown claimed that there's only one person who could understand the plight that he's been going through -- rapper Tupac Shakur. The 'Don't Judge Me' singer posted an old photo of the late rapper holding up his middle finger with the caption, "That awkward moment when the only person you can relate to in the world is dead."

Brown must be feeling the heat from the backlash over his feud with Jenny Johnson and other trolls on the Internet. Hopefully, Brown can stay focused and work on his new album... and stay far away from Twitter.

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