While it's true that his debut mixtape, '#10Day,' helped propel Chance the Rapper into the local spotlight (and various corners of the Internet music nerd-sphere) in April 2012, getting the alley-oop from Childish Gambino and appearing on his 'Royalty' project three months later certainly boosted the teen rapper's profile.

More than a year later, Childish and Chance reconnect on 'The Worst Guys,' the latest track we're hearing from 'Bino's upcoming sophomore album, 'Because the Internet.' The Georgia native delivers the verses while the Chicago half handles the hook, and it's a combination that's fun, cheeky and entirely entertaining.

"All she needed was some...," Chance and Donald whisper to each other like two wisecracking 14-year-olds, risking an instant slap in the face from the nearest girl. The rumbling, synth-laced beat mimics the playfulness of the song before unfolding into a majestic guitar solo; the two rappers still cracking jokes in the background. Aren't they just the worst?

'Because the Internet' is right around the corner, due for release next Tuesday (Dec. 10).

Listen to Childish Gambino's 'The Worst Guys' Feat. Chance The Rapper