After releasing the animated cover art for his second album, 'Because The Internet,' Childish Gambino revealed the LP's tracklist. The 19-song collection features some interesting song titles and a numbering system.

Judging by the tracklisting — with Roman numerals attached to some of the songs — this is a concept album. Titles like 'Dial Up,' 'earth: The oldest computer (The last night)' and 'life: The biggest troll,' seems to suggest that the subject matter is mostly about the Internet.

Among the guests appearing on the album are Chance the Rapper on 'The worst guys,' Jhene Aiko on 'pink toes' and Azealia Banks on 'earth: The oldest computer.'

Overall, it appears that 'Because the Internet' is a screenplay broken down into several different acts. This is going to be one interesting album.

In other news, Gambino is scheduled to perform on the 'Arsenio Hall Show' this Tuesday (Nov. 12). Hopefully, he will shed some light on his new project.

Childish Gambino's album, 'Because the Internet,' will hit shelves Dec. 10.

'Because the Internet' Tracklisting:

1. 'The Library (Intro)'
2. I. 'The Crawl'
3. II. 'worldstar'
4. 'Dial Up'
5. I. 'The worst guys' (Featuring Chance The Rapper)
6. II. 'shadows'
7. III. 'telegraph' (“Oakland” by Lloyd)
8. IV. 'sweatpants'
9. V. '3005'
10. 'Playing Around Before The Party Starts'
11. I. 'The Party'
12. II. 'no exit'
13. 'Death By Numbers'
14. I. 'Flight of The Navigator'
15. II. 'zealots of stockholm' (free information)
16. III. 'umm'
17. I. 'pink toes' (Featuring Jhene Aiko)
18. II. 'earth: The oldest computer (The last night)' [Featuring Azealia Banks]
19. III. 'life: The biggest troll' (andrew auernheimer)