After mending his fence with Katy Perry, controversial Chicago rapper has two other pop stars in mind -- not for feuds, but for collaborations. He wants to work with Perry's pals and fellow marijuana enthusiasts Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

The 17-year-old, oft troubled MC tweeted his request to Cyrus.

No word yet on whether this is coming to fruition, but it's a safe bet that his other dream duet partner (and Cyrus' dream makeout partner) may not work out so well. Keef has previously made some pretty vulgar comments about wanting to hook up with RiRi -- and he's buddies with Chris Brown -- so he knows a collabo isn't too likely.

"I just wanna do a song with Rihanna," he told Philadelphia radio station 92.1 (via Kollege Kidd). "I be in the club with her, but she don’t talk to me. I don’t think she like me ... "Chris Brown my homie, though," he said. "I was on that, but that's boy, so I'm fall back."

Good plan, bruh.