Chief Keef announced on Instagram that he's giving himself up to serve his second jail term this year.

His latest stint behind bars results from blowing off a child support hearing on Sept. 5. Chief Keef was supposed to explain why he didn't pay approximated $20,000 in child support, according to TMZ.

"Getting my Self ready To Get Locked Up ! Love Everybody That Rocks With The So & Da Glo," Chief Keef said in an Instagram message, which is embedded below.

Keef revealed in the caption of a pumpkin-making video post that he's expected to be free on Oct. 25 for what was originally a 10-day stay. That's not going to be the case,though. The rapper tested positive for marijuana because of random drug testing ensuing from a speeding ticket, resulting in a 20-day jail sentence. In May, he clocked in at 110 mph in his BMW at Chicago's Edens Expressway. He was hit with an 18-month probation sentence as a result.

He's previously served 60 days in a juvenile detention center in January for a probation violation stemming from a Pitchfork interview at a gun range.

Chief Keef released the 'Almighty So' mixtape, the follow-up to 'Bang Pt. 2,' on Oct. 12.