After receiving a court-ordered mandate from a judge to enroll in rehab after failing three drug tests while on probation, Chief Keef found himself flying out of LAX airport Saturday (Nov. 8) to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to a TMZ exclusive, the Chicago rapper wants it to be known that things are going to be different when he gets out. The voice behind the camera asks Keef if he'd stop smoking weed after he gets out of rehab, and with no hesitation, the 18-year-old artist says, "Yup."

The 'Finally Rich' creator also went on to say he now has a driver to avoid anymore reckless driving situations, and is done carrying "copious amounts" of cash. It's strictly credit cards these days.

While Keef claims things will be different once he gets out of rehab, he's still "flaunting his weed habit on Instagram," reports TMZ. So when it comes to knowing if change is really on the forefront, your guess is as good as ours. One thing we do know: he "glew up."