Chief Keef should consider himself lucky if he, somehow, bounces back after his recent string of eff-ups. Let’s get you caught up – first, the 17 year old was sentenced to 60 days in Juvenile Detention for violating parole, then he was whacked with a $75,000 lawsuit for no-showing an overseas concert. Now he’s being sued over child support by a girl… in middle school.

The girl’s actual age wasn’t released, but the fact that she attends middle school means that she was, at most, in the 8th grade when she had Keef’s baby.

This could end up adding some charges to his ever-growing wrap sheet. In the state of Illinois, it’s a misdemeanor for two people under 17 years of age to have intercourse. The crime is called “criminal sexual abuse.” The charges could tack on an additional 1 year to Keef’s jail sentence, but it’s unlikely he’ll be prosecuted unless the parents of the girl decide to press charges.