It has been a saga that has been going on for about 5 years now. But could Chick-Fil-A finally be getting ready to open a long-rumored Clifton Park restaurant?

I know. If you love Chick-Fil-A you are thinkning "Matty, we have been through this drill before." And usually I would be a little skeptical too, but this latest development has some legs.

Chick-Fil-A has applied for a permit with the town of Clifton Park to convert the old Pier 1 location in Clifton Park Center into it's newest Capital Region location, according to an Albany Business Review story. The old Pier 1 would be demolished to make way for the 5,000 foot square foot restaurant with a drive-thru. Albany Business Review says Chick-Fil-A has hired an Albany engineering firm to help with the plans which will be presented to town officials September 14th for approval. Once approved, construction of the new eatery should take about 6 months.

From the sound of it, this may be this most concrete possibility we have seen over the last several years of a Chick-Fil-A actually opening in the Clifton Park area. We have had numerous rumors, and even a recent hoax, fueling the "Is Chick-Fil-A coming" discussion. But this location makes sense and by the sounds of this report it looks like it could finally be happening.

If this one comes to frution, that could mean 3 new chicken joints opening in the Clifton Park area  in the months ahead. Popeye's is also planning a Halfmoon restaurant, ,and the new 518 Donuts (Which will serve gourmet fried chicken) plans on opening in the coming weeks.

Look Inside Clifton Park's New 518 Donuts & Fried Chicken Joint

518 Donuts is now open in Clifton Park, serving up a heavenly combo of Donuts & Fried Chicken!




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