Construction of a new fiber optic internet network has begun in Clifton Park.

Right now, more than ever, we are all trying to save a few bucks to make ends meet. Gas. groceries, National Grid - everything is way more expensive. One place we have all been trying to save over the years has been on rising cable bills.

And for some, a cheaper and faster internet option is coming at lightning speed!.

You may recall we first heard about this story back in November when we got word that Greenlight Networks had plans to launch an internet alternative in Clifton Park. The best part about this new network? It would offer faster internet speeds and would be a cheaper alternative to Spectrum.

That really is the tough part about getting internet service here in the Capital Region. As the price goes up, you have no shopping options to go save a few bucks. That starts to change for Clifton Park residents in 2022.

According to an update from News 10, Greenlight has already started construction on the new fiber-optic lines for the internet service around the Vischer Ferry Fire District station 2 in the Grooms Road area. In fact, residents in that area can already pre-order the new internet which should be up and running in that area in the coming months.

The new service will be 5 times faster than current internet options in Clifton Park with speeds as high as 2Gbps. At 25% of the cost, monthly bills will land under $50! I know that is a bargain compared to what I am paying now in Clifton Park!

The News 10 report says the town of Clifton Park is teaming up with Greenlight to bring their high-speed internet to almost  23,000 by the end of 2023.

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