It seems like there's never a dull moment with Charles Barkley, regardless of where he is in the country. This week, we find him in New Orleans for this year's All-Star Game and the surprise? The retired NBA basketball player performs Snoop Dogg's lauded 1994 hit 'Gin and Juice.'

Barkley visited New Orleans' hot spot Cats Meow to rap through the song, which is better than most sports analysts and commentators would've been able to do. That's not really a high standard though. Barkley's performance once again reminds listeners part of what made 'Gin and Juice' so special: Snopp Dogg's deadpan cadence and sense of melody. The NBA analyst has none of those skills.

Here's a little fun fact: Snopp and Barkley had their respective career peaks at around the same time. 'Gin and Juice' came out in 1994, just a year after Barkley led the Phoenix Suns to the Finals and won his only MVP.

To check out how a 'Gin and Juice' cover should be done, watch Kid Ink pay homage to Uncle Snoop with his version of the rap track here.