Are these two the perfect strangers? Chance the Rapper is getting a new roommate soon and it's none other than singer James Blake.

The 'Acid Rain' creator plans to move into a new house in Los Angeles with Brit crooner Blake later this year. “I’ve never lived anywhere other than this house, the one I grew up in in Chicago," Chance said to NME. "It will probably be like being on vacation for the first couple of months. Then I’ll start figuring out what kind of music I’ll be making.”

What will the two roomies do? “We’re probably going to make a bunch of s--- every day,” Chance continued. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with it. We might give some s--- to other artists. We’re getting a compound.”

Chance and James recently collaborated on the moody song 'Life Round Here.' If this is any indication of their future collaborations, expect plenty of emo goodness from the compound.