Mechanical issues delayed the opening of Central Park Pool for several days. Good news, Schenectady peeps! Now, you’re free to put on your trunks and take a dip. The pool opened earlier today. Central Park Pool is open Monday – Friday 12:30pm – 6:00pm and 1pm – 6pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

Here are some other local pools to check out this summer:

Lower Lincoln Park Pool – Eagle St, Albany

Krank Park Spray Pool – 65 First Ave, Albany

Mater Christi Pool – North First St, Albany

Sheridan and Dove Spray Pool – Sheridan and Dove Ave, Albany

Swinburne Spray Pool – Clinton Ave, Albany

Westland Hills Pool, Colvin Ave, Albany

Upper Lincoln Spray Pool – Morton and Delaware Ave, Albany

Front Street Pool – Front St, Schenectady

Hillhurst Pool – Campbell St, Schenectady

Quackenush Pool – Forest Rd, Schenectady

Victoria Pool – Saratoga State Park, Saratoga Springs

Peerless Pool, Saratoga State Park, Saratoga Springs