If you're hungry, we suggest not flipping through this digital scrapbook of pics of your fave celebs and musicians sharing pics of what they noshed on this week! It was a balanced mix of junk and healthy eats.

See the yummy sugary goodness ingested by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Shakira, or the Super Bowl sweets consumed by Nicky Hilton and Shay Mitchell. Cher Lloyd and Nikki Reed enjoyed some yummy, homecooked meals, too.

It's like food porn!

Kendall Jenner topped her French toast with warm caramel and Rice Krispies. Mmmm!

Pie oh my in the sky for Mindy Kaling.

Sushi for Joe Jonas.

It was Shakira's bday this week, so she could eat cake.

John Legend chowing down.

Nicky Hilton celebrated the Big Game with Super Bowl cookies!

Mmm! A cupcake for Jessica Alba.

Lance Bass kept it healthy with a bevvie.

Crystal Light is a "must sip" for Jason Derulo.

Snoop is famous for his snacks.

Lucy Hale + a bevvie.

Ellie Goulding...sipping from a champagne flute.

Nikki Reed made some roasted cauliflower soup. Sounds delish, right?

Foxes had Pinkberry, the best fro yo ever.

Snoop and fruit...again!

Just a beer for Nikki Williams.

Shay Mitchell noshed on Super Bowl-inspired macaroons.

A salad for Hilary Duff while she worked.

Nikki Reed's homemade blueberry cinnamon apple sauce topped with raw pecans for breakfast? The breakfast of champions.

Sour Patch Kids Gum? Yep, that's what Lucy Hale was chomping.

Beans and toast for Kelly Osbourne...that's an English thing.

Julianne Hough hosted a dinner party.

Cher Lloyd made soup, the perfect winter food.

Shay Mitchell had some pasta, too.

Jessie J. shared a step-by-step of her meal.

More Jessie J. yumminess.

Even more Jessie J.