Stealing a car: it's a sad story, but it's not an overly unique story.

A man from Buffalo, New York stole a car earlier this week, and in the process of exiting the crime scene. He was fully entrenched in the New York Thruway, and was keeping himself hidden in plain sight amongst the traffic surrounding him.

Then, he drove himself into trouble, and ended up foiling his own escape plan.

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Buffalo, NY Man Steals Car, Forgets That Car Needs Gas While Driving It

In the ultimate close-call, 40-year-old Christopher M. Krause was arrested this week, and charged with criminal possession of stolen property, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, according to a story published by CBS 6 Albany.

What makes this a close call, is the reason why he ultimately was caught.

Rewind to earlier in the day, and Krause had actually stolen the car he was driving. While executing his getaway, Krause managed to run out of gas while on the New York Thruway. He pulled to the side of the road, and moved from the driver's seat, to the passenger's seat, according to the story.

It was there that New York State Police found him. Soon after arriving, police discovered that the driver of the car was indeed not the owner of the car, but rather, a person who had just stole the car. It had originally belonged to someone in Cheektowaga, investigators would soon find out.

Of course, first and foremost, we're just relieved that the car was found, and hopefully, will be returned to its rightful owner very soon.

With that being said...come on, really?! When you're stealing a car, naturally, your logical next step is to move the car as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. In order to move said car, you'll need to make sure it has enough gas for what would probably be a long road trip. Apparently, that never crossed the mind of Mr. Krause.

Either way, it's just sad to see the skyrocketing gas prices impacting so many lives.

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